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Boudoir Photography with K by Veronica


A special photoshoot with K on her 32nd birthday. She was a close friend of mine in high school but we lost contact after graduation. This reunion brought back loads of memories and I am grateful that we could get in touch again after all these years. People often said 30s are the best time of life, I got this strong feeling while I was chatting with K during the photoshoot. As we turn in 30s we are more comfortable with who we truly are, we love ourselves more and accept our shortcomings.

It is always uplifting when meeting different people during photoshoots, and also a pleasure to record a special time of peoples' life events as a photographer.

Professional Female Portrait Photographer based in Hong Kong

​Indoor Photoshoot in Hotel or studio, full female crew

Available for booking in 2022.

Enquiry & booking via Instagram Messenger

or email Veronica at

Boudoir Photographty with K: View the Set here


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