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Story with the Special Couple and our wooden box

Mon & Issac Keepsake Wooden Box by VERC

This couple is very special to me. Back in early 2016, the bride-to-be once saw the pre-wedding pictures at her friend's wedding, she then approached me to ask for rates, but after that she did not find me again so I thought that was the end of the story. After some time she contacted me again, explained she was busy at that time so could not manage to discuss details pre-wedding sessions with me. She texted: "Actually I haven't considered other photographers for our pre-wedding"  

I was so grateful. As I did not have much portfolio back then, the trust she has for me was overwhelming and I was deeply moved. I spent extra effort in Location Scouting, tried to find the best locations in Hong Kong to match with her gowns. Luckily, the shooting went well and photos look great.  

Here is the final production of the shooting, wooden box for the usb package is made in Japan, quality is amazing! SVOLE studio ( )helped emgraving the names. 

Mon & Issac Keepsake Wooden Box by VERC

More photos about this Shooting are uploaded to the engagement sessions albums. Go and have a look of the photos! :  ☺️

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