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How I started VERC and my First Customer

Back in 2014, I was a retoucher for an American Magazine, I was working from Monday to Friday just like others. One day, my high school friend Wince sent me a message asking me would I like to take her engagement photos. I was both thrilled but also worried because back then I didn't have any professional skills or even equipment for a shooting. I thought it is a BIG THING and important shooting as wedding could only be once in a life (to me) so I could not screw it up, but she still encouraged me to be her Photographer. I am very grateful for her enlightenment and it was such a significant start of my photography career.

Today I completed the wedding anniversary box with the engagement photos I took for her 2 years ago. Wince, thank you for being my very first customer, and I hope it is a sweet memory box that we all can look back on after many years.

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